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Recent News
PMBOK® Guide 6th edition is coming up - What are the changes ? !
16th November 2017, Certifications
What's happening, in terms of content changes? Some process areas will see name changes reflecting a basic philosophical evolution.
PMBOK® Guide study CD-ROM - Now extended till Q3/2017!!
6th December 2016, Limited Offer !
Studying for the CAPM®/PMP®exam requires practices in the way they ask questions. The new version of the book appears in Q3/2017. So, our software is now prolonged until that date !! BUY NOW !
TOP 10 Project Management Certifications (worldwide) !
9 February 2016, Certifications
What are the top 10 Project Management Certifications that add value to your career ?
How to run a small PMO ? (by Didier Brackx)
12 November 2015, Project Management
Is it always necessary to spend a lot of money in setting up a project management Office ? Is a PMO an unnecessary cost for small companies ?
The PMP® exam content is changing ! (by Didier Brackx)
12 May 2015, Project Management
The PMP® exam content is changing 1st November 2015.(Link: Click here). To still pass the exam before this date, Xenturion organizes again a SUMMER boot camp.
How to be a project mentor ? (by Didier Brackx)
15 January 2015, Project Management
Once you have been a project manager for some time you may be asked to be a mentor. What’s that? Well, a mentor is someone who provides informal or structured support to another person, normally a junior project manager or someone who would like to move into project management.
PMP® Exam preparation in Philadelphia (USA) (by Didier Brackx)
13 December 2013, Project Management
Xenturion is giving a PMP® Exam preparation training in Philadelphia (USA) on January 6th, 7th and 8th in 2014 and this in the area of Vaccins development. The training will be based on the new edition of the PMBOK® Guide ed. 2012 (fifth edition) !these courses.
Measuring value of a PMO V2.0 ? (By Didier Brackx)
16 Aug 2014, Project Management
Before getting started with any project, PMOs must identify the metrics they will be adopting to measure and demonstrate a business purpose and also to ensure that all mandates are being fulfilled. Much like their peer organizations, PMOs are well served to view metrics in two groups: