Project Management Solutions
Are you loooking for practical solutions ?
Our proven project management solutions are focused to enhance your management capability. By incorporating project management practices into your business processes and management strategies, you maximize the transfer of knowledge and skills to your organization. We can do this by:
  • What is the project management maturity of your company? – Appraisal of PM practices Assess the capabilities of your project management practices, as well as the knowledge and skill levels of your project team members. XMA provides a framework for linking individual and organizational improvement plans to targeted improvement areas. Your organization will become capable of managing practices at the higher end of the maturity model — correlating to a better balance between cost, schedule, scope, and ultimately, improved profits for your organization.
  • Are you in need of one-to-one consulting coaching for your project managers? Our consultants promote optimal job performance by establishing supportive relationships, communications, and performance feedback. Mentors provide just-in-time training and support in the execution of project management best practices — ensuring high-quality projects are completed on time and within budget
  • Do you want to develop a coherent project management approach for your projects? – Predictable results Create or refine a project management methodology that incorporates your organization’s best practices. Project performance improves when processes are standardized, measured, controlled, and continuously enhanced. Our consultants facilitate the uniform development and implementation of practices — leading to repeatable, predictable results.
  • Do you want to start your project in a right way? – Flawless project launches Build the competency to initiate and plan projects that field high-performing teams capable of delivering projects on time. Our consultants facilitate project launches through a structured process including workshops and planning sessions — achieving business goals as predicted.
  • Is your project in trouble ? – Ensuring project success Evaluate risk to avoid runaway projects. We will conduct an objective, independent review of project activities focusing on process and product quality, followed by high¬impact, measurable recommendations. This provides project teams with appropriate support so they can implement corrective action early and re-baseline challenged projects — bringing the project back into compliance with strategic imperatives.