Leadership and Communication Skills
Develop the necessary skills to elicit maximum performance from every member of your team. Uncover the methods of leadership that are most appropriate for achieving success. Discover which forms of leadership and communication styles are best suited to your personality. Learn techniques for resolving conflict and managing personnel issues. Gain hands-on experience in analyzing stages of team development and maximizing project team effectiveness.
Training details
Duration: 2 days
Course level: intermediate training
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Learn how to
Apply proven techniques in leading project teams
Assess your leadership skills
Identify and resolve conflicts by practicing communication and human resource skills
Recognize stages of team development and their pitfalls
Identify barriers to performance on project teams and ways to overcome them
Prepare a project communications management plan
Effectively manage the stress inherent to all projects
Course content
1. Leadership challenges
2. The Meyer-Briggs type (MBTI®)
3. Effective Teams
4. Conflict Management
5. Enhancing Communication
1. Leadership Challenges
Define leadership
Challenges in leadership
Challenges of leading project teams
Theory X and Theory Y
Hierarchy needs
Professional responsibility
2. The Meyer-Briggs type (MBTI®)
Background of MBTI®
The MBTI® and Project teams
The MBTI® scales
Determination of the students type
3. Effective Teams
Team definition – stages
Types of project teams
A high-performance team
Barriers to project team performance
4. Conflict Management
Conflict definition
Choosing conflict resolution approach
Conflict in project phases
Managing agreement
Handling stress
5. Enhancing Communication Skills
Communications planning
Communication channels
Communication rules
Barriers to communicationiv>
Creating confidence
Effective project meetings