Training Services
Do you want an open or customized training?
We deliver high-quality open enrollment and customized on-site training that goes far beyond teaching technical skills. By integrating project management expertise with business and management skills, participants are empowered to streamline processes, control projects, and achieve goals.
Our instructors are experienced practitioners and talented presenters who move beyond theory and promote skill development. To keep you abreast of the latest best practices, our subject matter experts and instructional design staff continuously review and update course materials.
Are you looking for a practical training ?
Xenturion’s project management training service is not the typical generic two or three day course which explains the principles of project management and then expects the delegate to return to work and get on with it… it is the complete package.
Not only do we provide the theory, but we also provide the practical tools, processes, documentation and ongoing support, all of which are tailored to your organisations specific needs with all the support afterwards !
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