Project Management Office Setup V2.0
Is your PMO successful?
Xenturion’s Project Management Office (PMO) Solutions drive sound project management practices, portfolio management and project control by launching and evolving a well-structured PMO.
Xenturion's offerings include:
Xenturion can help you develop a comprehensive roadmap, based on proven steps to establish and/or evolve a PMO to meet your organization’s governance needs. By leveraging our PMO Assessment, PMO Launch Workshop and industry best practices like CMMi, OPM3, PMBOK and expert guidance, we accelerate your progress toward your organization objectives.
The PMO Assessment provides an objective look at current project management and PMO capability. Using a structured diagnostic tool reflecting PMO best practices (from CMMI, PMBOK, OPM3, and other sources), analysts identify areas of strength as well as improvement opportunities given the organizational needs. Actionable results and analyses are used to guide ongoing evolution of the PMO.
The PMO Launch Workshop provides your team with a fast-track approach to launching a best-in-class PMO. This workshop facilitates the development of the PMO’s charter, implementation plan, key milestones, and near-term detailed workplan.
Our team brings its collective experience and trackrecord to provide hands-on help with your PMO effort. From staff support to periodic progress reviews, we provide immediate impact and momentum for your efforts.