Managing Project Quality
Discover valuable sampling and assessment techniques to ensure project quality management success. This intensive course focuses on fundamental quality management tenets of leading quality and process improvement thinkers such as Deming, Juran, and Crosby. Learn how quality is related to virtually all areas of a project by using proven tools and techniques for planning and implementing quality methods in a project environment.
Training details
Duration: 2 days
Course level: intermediate training
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Learn how to
Apply philosophies of leading quality experts
Implement a successful quality program
Prepare a quality management plan
Apply requirements analysis and management techniques
Recognize how Six Sigma can lead to breakthroughs
Conduct an inspection
Develop proven techniques to calculate the cost of quality
Use statistical process control tools and technique
Identify and employ project metrics
Course content
1. Overview
2. Quality theories
3. Project Quality Management processes
4. Cost of Quality
5. Requirements Management
6. Quality Control process tools
7. Six Sigma
8. Quality systems
1. Overview
Definition of Quality
Benefits of quality
The quality movement
2. Quality theories
3. Project Quality Management processes
Quality Planning
Perform Quality Assurance
Perform Quality Control
4. Cost of Quality
Prevention Costs
Appraisal costs
Failure costs
Quality cost reporting and communication
5. Requirements Management
Requirements analysis
Traceability matrix
Data management plan
Requirements repository
6. Quality Control process tools
Control charts
Pareto analysis
Cause-and effect analysis
Scatter diagrams
Establishing metrics
7. Six Sigma
Purpose and benefits
Tools and techniques
8. Quality systems
ISO 9000